About Conference

We are glad to announce the Radiology & Imaging 2021 to be held on September 13-14, 2021 as a Webinar. This webinar is a unique international platform that’s a confluence of all stakeholders of the ecosystem – Industry, Academia, Researchers, Innovators, Regulators– coming together to present and discuss the wide range of current topics and will be available to discuss on the theme “Adding Diagnostic and Practical Value in Radiology and Imaging”. As the head occasion, we have built up a program in light of your interests. We have not just expanded the number of chances for you to connect with partners from over the world yet additionally presented increasingly centered sessions that will include bleeding-edge introductions, uncommon board dialogs, and livelier collaboration with industry pioneers and specialists. Life is full of giving and take. Make it count in your professional life. Attend the Radiology and Imaging Congress going to be held in September 2021 to network with your peers, exchange expertise and experiences, and arm yourself with the latest information to take your department to the next level.


Salient Features

  • Meet University circles and corporate visionaries to get inspired

  • Enlarge your knowledge and find explanations for problems

  • Knowledge, Bench-marking and Make contacts offered at one place

  • Forge connections and for global networking

  • Highly planned and organized scientific programs

  • Best Oral and Poster Presentation Awards

  • Meet with new merchants and traders


The Goals

  • The goals of this conference are to provide a trans-formative qualified growth experience through bringing together the world’s scientific professionals to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Radiology, Oncology and Imaging.

  • Bringing together physicians, doctors, scientists, researchers, and policy leaders to encourage and enhance programmatic relationships to more effectively address regional, national and international responses to the population around the world and overcome blockades that bound access to care and services.



  • After participating in this conference, attendees should be able to discuss problems and new techniques and in Radiology.

  • Debate and apply recent research discoveries related to Radiology.

  • Reflect on the place of critical distance in Radiology and Imaging.